Web Series Review : The Unwritten Rules
being black in the workplace

Today I am telling you guys to watch the Unwritten Rules written by Kim Williams. I have already watched and reviewed Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s by Kim so I decided to give this show a try. At first I wasn’t interested. Maybe because I was craving something more romantic, but next thing …read more →

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Delante Sealey and Ryan Waddy: Unique Lens Productions & Invaders Clothing
black web series

  I first met the content creator Delante Sealey via social media. From there, I learned about his production company, Unique Lens Productions. The company’s mission is to write, produce and edit films in the hopes to captivate audiences from all age groups. The company has already given birth to a short film, a web …read more →

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5 Things I Learned While Working In Fast Food

Well it’s official; my Chick-fil-A internship has ended. I am so surprised at how much I have learned through this internship. At first I looked at it as a way for me to develop my business mindset, but it turned out to be that and so much more. Here are a few things that I …read more →

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The Love Exchange
dating advice

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is blessed. This is going to be a mega short post, but I wanted to finish up on the last post. On the previous post I ended with the question: how can I love someone without expecting anything back without becoming depleted? I do believe that it is true that …read more →

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Are You Giving For The Wrong Reasons?

We all have flaws and the first step to getting rid of them is by recognizing them. Here it is: I am selfish. I never thought I was selfish before, but here I am writing about it. I’ve always considered myself a considerate person. I love buying people gifts, I’ve sacrificed for people, and I’ve …read more →

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Imani Dunning: Hello Beautiful, God Loves You

    Instead of asking what would B. watch, today it’s what will Brittany read. Hey Beautiful, God Loves You by Imani Dunnng is a must read Christian devotional for young women. Imani Dunning is a young entrepreneur and author from New York City. She is the creator of The Love Plan which brings all people together through love. This …read more →

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