Actor Melvin Jackson Jr Is A Jack Of All Trades
Melvin Jackson Jr

Melvin Jackson Jr. has many talents. You might be familiar with his parts in “The Wire” or “Everybody Hates Chris”. Besides acting he is also a comedian, director, writer, and producer. I was honored that Mr. Jackson spoke to me about his passions and goals. Q: How did you discover your talent for acting? MJ:  …read more →

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I Don’t Get Politics

Recently I joined the Griot Society at my school, which is an organization where mainly African American students comes together to discuss culture identity, leadership development and academic excellence. At the last meeting we discussed politics.  I sat silently in the open discussion a bit embarrassed that I don’t know anything about politics. My first brush with …read more →

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Feeling Like Guys Don’t Notice You?

“I want a girl that’s loyal, smart, goes to church, not a thot, funny, that I can talk to…you know a good girl,” he says. After everything he named on his list a bell in my head rings. He’s talking about me! I have these things. That’s what I think, and yet somehow reality doesn’t …read more →

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