Lessons From My 3 Week Positivity Journey

For the past 3 weeks I have been on a positivity journey. It was actually positivity and patience, but I’m writing about positivity because it was much more of a struggle for me and thus for more learning was involved. It all started when a friend pointed out that I can be negative at times. …read more →

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Interview: The Appreciation Of Black Art
black creatives

I was strolling on Instagram and I noticed an art piece created by an African American artist. It was a beautiful drawing that had extremely realistic qualities. I thought about how art, especially African American art, is unappreciated. I took went out and found three amazing artist to interview to see what art meant to …read more →

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What Are The Rules To Dating?

I’ve been thinking lately maybe I’m not ready to date. Not because of any major issue like having a problem being tied down or trust issues, but because I can’t seem to get the hang out the unwritten rules of dating. It’s like I want to simply be myself, but myself keeps running into dead …read more →

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