It’s OneBadBeauty’s 1 Year Blogaversary

It’s Memorial Day, it’s been a month since I’ve graduated from college and a year since I created I am filled with a great amount of happiness, excitement, appreciation and pride. When I first got the vision for OneBadBeauty I was the middle of a uncomfortable life stage and on top of that I didn’t know …read more →

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Why Are We Ashamed Of Our Names?

As we are given the gift of life we are also given the gift of a name once we enter the earth. Our name is our identity. In Southeastern Nigeria, Igbos believe that names hold spiritual blessings. The Chinese go about naming a child something that’s unique and holds meaning. In Greek letter organizations we have names that are designed …read more →

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Overcoming Shallow Reasons For Relationships

3 post ago I wrote an article “What Does It Mean To Not Be Ready For A Relationship”. At the time I thought I was ready, but now I realize that being ready is more than just having the ability to be faithful and sweet. For a 22-year-old I haven’t done much. I’ve never even visited …read more →

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