It’s Memorial Day, it’s been a month since I’ve graduated from college and a year since I created I am filled with a great amount of happiness, excitement, appreciation and pride. When I first got the vision for OneBadBeauty I was the middle of a uncomfortable life stage and on top of that I didn’t know much about putting together a website and branding. I just knew that I wanted to do something positive to promote African/African-American successes and share my life’s journey. I didn’t have a job so the monthly hosting fee cut into money that I could have been using on something else, but I knew this was something I HAD to do so I stepped out on faith and here I am a year later.


I get so irritated when people think I’m just playing on the computer, because running your own website is a lot of work. From day 1 I took on the challenge of designing my website on the front in. I had never designed a website in my life, but I had many sleepless and collapsing in front of my laptop nights to get it done. It was work, but I do admire myself for taking on something so tedious and my drive to undergo self-teaching. Soon after my website was complete I was given the opportunity to conduct an interview. I hadn’t intended on interviewing anyone, because I’m shy and introverted but I’m so glad I did. It turns out I’m good at interviews and I love being able to share stories with my audience and meet amazing people. I was also really surprised that in the beginning stages of my blog a lot of family and friends made donations to help me along. It hasn’t always been an easy experience, but I wouldn’t trade it at all.


Join a blogging group as soon as possible. I’ve been a part of a group on Facebook (Bloggers Like Me) for a couple a months now and it’s been a blessing. Being a part of a blogging group has helped fill in the blanks by providing information I didn’t know I wasn’t aware of. I’ve now learned how to become a paid blogger and more about shaping my brand. Another major lesson is not worrying if you haven’t gone viral yet. I haven’t went viral, but what’s most touching to me is the DMs and comments I get about how my blog has inspired them. It let’s me know that I really am making a difference in my own way and that’s what counts in the end. I know a lot of bloggers who might not be on the viral status, but they still are able to work as full-time bloggers, travel, work with amazing brands and produce great content. It’s all about how you measure success when you think about it. Lastly, Pinterest is amazeballs. Most bloggers pins their articles to Pinterest so when I need to self-teach myself virtually anything creative the first place I look is on Pinterest for all of the answers.


Now that I’m in the stage where I have time due to graduation and more knowledge and experience blogging I know that this year is going to be epic. There’s really no limitations on my creativity. I will be working with more brands so expects tons of interviews, reviews and even giveaways. I am excited to tell you guys that I am currently writing a book. Yes! My very first E-book. I’m not ready to reveal the title and concept just yet, but be sure to check back here and my social media platforms for when I make the announcement (IG:@brittanysharnez Twitter: @B_Sharnez). I have plenty of other ideas I want to incorporate between now and next year and some ideas I haven’t even thought of just yet. Today I kicked of a mug design so if you like it please buy it at .

Screenshot (121)

I know for sure that year 2 of blogging is going to be so amazing so I will be throwing a Memorial Day/blogaversary celebration next year. I can already see the vision in my head and it’s going to be dope. Big thank you so all of my readers, those who shared their stories with me and those who motivated me when I thought I wasn’t going to figure something out or wasn’t good enough. You guys are my gems!






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