“Why’d you cut all of your hair off to go natural just to put some type of weave in your head ?”

This has to be one of the most annoying questions ever. It’s like they think I’m some type of natural hair traitor that can’t make up my mind. What I really want to say is it’s my hair ad you’re not the one paying for or taking care of it. I don’t put weave in because I’m trying to hide who I really am, the term it called protective styling. I love my natural hair, but a girl can’t rock a twist out and a high puff errday. The more you manipulate the hair, the more shedding there will be, which will lead to breakage. I’ve had my fair share of breakage so I try my best to and avoid it at all costs.

I normally have some form or braids or a wig on. Both of these styles allow me to protect and better take care of my hair. Although you can’t see my real hair I don’t neglect it. I’ve heard horror stories of women who get braids and weaves and forget to take care of their real hair to the point of balding and molding. I make sure that I give my hair a deep washing treatment before I wear a new style. I also make sure that I keep an applicator bottle full of my personal mix of carry and essential oils so that I don’t allow my hair to dry out. The whole point is to protect your hair and you can’t expect to see any real growth if you just sweep it under a style without caring for it.

Also protective styling to me is what makeup is to a lot of girls. It’s like playing dress up. I love to change my hair to fit however I am feeling at the moment. Sometimes I want loose hair with big curls and other times I want long braids. Right now, it’s hot as ever and I’m job hunting so I had to let the long, big hair with a gray streak go. I’m looking into something still kind of big, but a regular color and shorter so I won’t sweat to death. I think everyone has different sides to them and my hair is a way for me to express what side I am leaning mostly to. Sometimes I want to I like to be sexy and adventurous and that’s when I go for the big curls and dark hair. There are also times when I just want to relax and play in my own tresses and that’s when I don’t wear a style at all.

Believe it or not I used to hate getting my hair done for years. It wasn’t until the summer of my freshman year in college that I taught myself how to braid. I was a college student who just wanted a style why my afro was growing and could cut down on my morning prep time. YouTube has helped me a lot. I haven’t had anyone else braid my hair in years. Learning how to do my own styles has given me the freedom to switch it up whenever I have the money and the urge to do so. I’ve even done other people’s hair, including my grandmother’s; who would have thought? I like to think of my hair styling as artwork. It’s amazing how different a person can look with just a change of hair color or curl pattern.

Now that I’ve realized I have the talent do it why wouldn’t I ? I say as long as you have the coins to do so and you take care of your real hair protective styling is the way to go. It feels great to roll out of the bed and not having to worry about taking up 30 minutes to do my hair, because it’s already done. Not to mention my hair growing the most in protective styles. It’s really great for keeping length retention. Wearing wigs or braids doesn’t make you less conscious or confident within yourself just like having a full or short afro doesn’t make you more so. I am still woke with my big girls, long braids and my natural fro. Do you boo and have fun and look fabulous doing it.

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