Welcome to the new monthly addition of my blog. I’ve been reading some awesome books like “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success” by Steve Harvey and “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. What both of these books have in common is that they suggest in order to make your dreams real you HAVE TO write it down. For a writer, it’s ironic how I have a bad habit of coming up with tons of ideas and keeping it all stuffed in my head.  Since I’ve started writing things down I’ve seen improvements on having a clearer mind, making better sense of my plans and knowing what I want. I figured sharing my goals with you guys would show you that mistakes will be made and so will great victories. I also hopes it inspires you to produce your own monthly goals.

Let’s play catch up. I’ve been a college graduate for two months and it’s been an extremely uncomfortable adjustment for me. My original plan was to head straight to graduate school, but I felt God leading me to finally hone in on the gifts He has given me. I decided I’d give myself a year off from school to focus on bringing my ideas to life, travel and make a difference. I thought the best way to start was to get a job, move out of state, work by day and create by night.

I was watching the Steve Harvey show and he asked his audience why they weren’t doing the things that God called them to do. For me, it’s been because I don’t like my starting point. I thought I’d begin chasing after my dreams all the while having a job that provided secure income (in case a project failed) and an apartment out of state. Reality is I’m at home and jobless. I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I’m starting my journey in a place that I don’t want to be and I have to depend on my gifts and God only to get me out of here. I decided it was time for things to change. I’ll still be looking for a job, but also pouring more energy into my project. I’m both excited and nervous about this month, but I’m sure it will bring great things and I can’t wait to tell you guys what progress I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned from it in August. I’ve already published my first book, “The Evolution of My Problackness” so check it out! Happy July !


  •  Complete 3 projects – Having tons of ideas is a blessing, but sometimes I have so many that I don’t complete them before I move to the next thing. So far I’ve published my first book, “The Evolution of My Problackness”, on Amazon. That’s one project down and it’s only July 2nd. 2 more projects to go ! Be on the look out for them.
  • Create A Daily Wellness Routine – It’s been really on my heart to be healthier. Maybe, because I see my grandma having so many health issues. I really want to get into morning mediating, running or just something that I do daily to intentionally take care of my body and mind.
  • Pitch 14 brands – If you noticed I haven’t worked with very many brands on my website and I’d love to do more product features and so that you guys can see.
  • Post 3 Times Weekly – I know I normally do once or twice, but I have time on my hands. I can do it.
  • Do Daily Tasks Towards My Dreams – When I was applying for jobs I would stay up until 3am and sometimes I would stay up until sunrise. All I thought about was landing a job so I could start working on my dreams. Now if I could do all that for a job I wasn’t even passionate about I can use every day I have to do something; big or small towards my dreams. Can’t complain about not living in my purpose if I’m not working towards it.

What I Hope to Gain

  • Recognition – Overall I want to gain buzz about my brand and my projects. Although I’m a lowkey person it’s time for me to break out from being under the radar.
  • Opportunities – Speaking engagements, partnerships, paid opportunities; whatever. I am definitely hoping that with working hard will open some great doors for me. Some life advancing doors.
  • Money – It’s not all about the money. I’m passionate about all of my projects, but if I’m not going to get to where I’m going thanks to a paycheck from a steady job I’m going to need money from my projects. I need money to not only move and get my own place, but to be able invest in myself to bring you guys amazing projects. Next month I will be reporting how much money I ended up making.

Feel free she share your goals with me. You can follow me on IG:@brittanysharnez to see what I have going on throughout the month.




2 thoughts on “My July Monthly Goals

  • Tifanny Burks

    Let’s get these goals girl! I try to hold myself accountable to goals as well!

    • Brittany Sharnez

      Thank you ! It’s a must to stay on track

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