What happened in July ?

I’m honestly embarrassed to report that I only reached one goal in July which was publishing a book “The Evolution of My Problackness”. July was the worst month thus far this summer. I was really down after so much news about the deaths of innocent black people and police officers, I got a bad cold that lasted a week and I’m still jobless although I’ve applied for a total of 965 jobs. Although I’ve wanted to give up many times in July I have to say that I learned a lot.

I learned that what I thought were failures were actually setbacks. I have tons of ideas for projects that I want to do, but without a job I don’t have the funds to do them. It makes me sad when I get an awesome idea and I can’t just up and do them, but I realize that doesn’t mean it will never get done. Realizing that I am encountering setbacks instead of just failures makes me more hopeful for my future and gives me motivation not to give up. I was able to gain a little recognition. Two fans reached out to me right when I was considering giving up on everything and it really made me feel great. I realized that I do what I do to inspire others so I can’t let them down. You never know who’s watching.


  • Make The Most Of Being Jobless – Not having a job is a domino effect. It means I  can’t afford to go out and do things on a daily basis or fund projects. I’ve realized that there are somethings that I can be doing to reach my dreams and keep me sane while I’m waiting on a door to open. I can read, learn a new craft, get certified in something, blog more and whatever else. This month I really want to try to keep myself busy because sitting around applying for jobs makes me feel crazy, but on the flipped side just watching Netflix  all day makes me feel lazy and like I’m just existing.
  • Post 3 Times A Week – This is one of the things that I can be doing with my free time. This week I’m going to my family reunion so I am only posting this post, but after that I will be on it. Please keep me accountable yall !
  • Start A Vlog – I got the idea to start vlogging about my post graduate journey. I’m really excited because this is a free way that I can move towards my dreams (I have big plans for this).  My best friend has given me a tripod and I have a cool place to record so be on the look out for that.
  • Start To Workout – I really hate working out, but I have time on my hands and I want a tight stomach.
  • Pitch 5 brands – Pitching brands makes me a little nervous, but the worst that could happen is that I will be told no and I am literally turned down for things on a daily basis so why not.

What I Hope To Gain

  • Peace Of Mind – Like I said last month was so emotionally stressful. Originally I thought when someone finally decided to give me a job is when I would be happy and at peace, because a job means the beginning of everything falling in place. After months of trying to get a job I realize that I don’t know when that will happen and I can’t wait too much longer to start to feel great about life again. I still will be applying for jobs, but I no longer want that to take over my life. I hope that by using this free time and being a little bit more patient I will be more at peace with things.
  • Opportunities –  I hope that through my efforts of writing more and marketing more that opportunities will open for me. I can’t say what opportunities exactly, but I want them to be legit and push me towards my purpose.


As you can see I have narrowed my goals down compared to last month’s. I guess sometimes it’s best to be simple and to take care of things where you are at. I pray to God that with my new mindset this month goes way better than last month did.

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3 thoughts on “July Recap and My August Monthly Goals

  • Bree

    I love the idea of posting monthly goals, results and lessons learned. It really makes sure you’re held accountable. I hope you don’t mind if I post mine on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Brittany Sharnez

      I don’t mind at all. Thank you !

  • Amanda Whitehurst

    Hey Brittany! This is Amanda from the chat tonight! I LOVE the idea of having monthly goals! I’ve been making seasonal ones over on my blog – I call them my “short-term bucket lists.” I especially love when you wrote: “Realizing that I am encountering setbacks instead of just failures makes me more hopeful for my future and gives me motivation not to give up.” This can be so hard to grasp and I’m working on it too. I think we all get really down on ourselves sometimes when we aren’t able to measure up to our expectations, but it just means we’re still on the journey and haven’t reached the destination yet.

    Excited to keep following!


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