We all have a show on Netflix that we tell ourselves “one more episode and I’m going to sleep” and next thing you know it’s 2 a.m. That show for me this week has been “The Get Down”.  The show follows the lives of a group of teenagers in 1977 trying to make their way out of the Bronx through Disco and the beginnings on Hip Hop. While the lives’ of these kids are totally different from mine in 2016 I still was able to learn a thing or two.

Be unapologetic about your vision.

At first when I was introduced to Mylene ,the female lead , I was mad at ole girl for giving my man Zeke the runaround. Zeke is romantic and proclaims deep loyalty for Mylene although she wasn’t officially his. That’s the type of man you snatch up quick. As the show progressed I began to understand Mylene more and admire her.

Mylene dream is to become a huge Disco star and she’s very unapologetic about it. She doesn’t care that her parents are financially struggling in the Bronx. She is willing to go against her father who is a pastor and is hell bent on her not singing the devil’s music. Despite the fact that she is in love with Zeke she doesn’t allow herself to get too involved with him until she sees that he too has a vision for his life to move on to better things beyond the Bronx. Even after that she still lets him know that he will not be getting in her way.  Mylene also speaks life into her close friends when she notices them settling for life.

This is so powerful for me because this is who I am slowly but surely becoming. I know what it’s like for people to tell you to keep your visions to yourself, because you might rub someone the wrong way. I also too have close family members that don’t get my huge dreams or how they will come to be. I have definitely put some love interests before my vision; thinking that I better secure my love life while I can and worry about my purpose later; mistake 101.

Mylene points out that you shouldn’t settle in any area of your life. That you should have a vision for every single area and don’t be afraid of what or who you might lose going after what you know is meant for you. You have to find a man that fits your purpose and it might not be the person you are currently in love with. Your parents love you, but that doesn’t mean they will always support you or get your dreams. You can’t worry about your current surrounding. Speak life into what you want and go after it boldly.

Don’t be afraid to become who are meant to because you don’t want to lose what’s familiar to you.

With the help of Mylene, Zeke gets an internship and on a path to getting his own ticket out of the Bronx. This issue is he now has discovered his musical talent and has a group of friends that rely on him. He ends up feeling caught between two worlds.

As hard as I am working so that I can save up money and finally break out of my hometown sometimes envisioning the actual move makes me a bit nervous. How different will things be ? How much drama is going to arise from people who don’t want me to move or don’t want me to move too far. Leaving what’s familiar to you and trying to please everyone can cause tons of anxieties to arise. Holding onto my purpose and doing what others think I ought to do has proven to be impossible for me.

Zeke hasn’t yet figured out what he is going to do about his situation, but he has a group of people who has given him great advice. It has helped me learn that I wasn’t born for a comfort zone. Although I wish what people want for me and my life’s purpose is were identical and that moving away didn’t seem scary at all that’s not the case. These are also not excuses for me not to push forward. My advice to Zeke and to myself would be that you aren’t selfish for becoming who you are meant to me. The people who really love you might be upset at first or not understanding, but eventually they will come around and if not at least you will be secure in knowing that you are doing what God has place you here to be.



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