Social Media Star Sheds Light on Depression in Short Film

I never would have thought that a film that brings awareness to depression would make me happy. It is great that certain myths about depression were dispelled. Demetrius Harmon aka MeechOnMars, was able to put his first hand experience with depression into his short film “Be Happy“. Although the film is fictional and at some moments …read more →

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Considering A Minimalist Lifestyle

I’ve decided that I want to practice minimalism. Minimalism is getting rid of excess physical, emotional and mental baggage. The idea first arose when I visited my cousin in Dallas, TX. She was giving me a “when you’re in the real world you become a slave to work and bills” speech. I couldn’t understand why she was allowing …read more →

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Interview: Actor Moritz J. Williams Allows Prayer to Lead Him to Success

  Actor, writer and model Moritz J. Williams first caught my attention in the popular web series “Black Boots.” Although Moritz plays the role of an arrogant and irresponsible college student, Jason, who pledges a Black Greek-letter Organization, he’s actually humble, God-fearing and hungry for success. I had the pleasure of talking to him about life in …read more →

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