What Happened In August ?

I am so happy to tell you guys that this month I accomplished 3 out of 5 of my goals. It was hard to make the most out of being jobless at first. I don’t think I’ll ever get comfortable with it, but it has been helpful securing an internship, starting a vlog and working out.  After countless peps talks I realized although I dislike the space that I’m in literally and figuratively that doesn’t mean that I should stunt my growth. My senior year I was growing so much and I loved it because I was seeing the woman I always wanted to be, but due to recent setbacks I’ve felt as though that growth came to a halt and reversed.  I think where I am now is the ugly side of growth. It isn’t the fun, try new things, create new projects kind of growth. It’s the pressure makes a diamond kind. I know it’s not a place that I’m meant to dwell in for too much longer, but I’m must go through it and learn my lessons.

My internship is great because I look at my boss as a mentor which is greatly  appreciated. I started my vlog Negus Graduate.  It allows me to bring a project to life for $0. I get to share my story and people have already told me that they can relate. Also it helps me get used to the camera which I have shied away from for years although I always thought vlogging was a good idea (growth). Then there is working out. I hate working out, but it all goes back to the idea that although I’m not where I want to be I can still work on becoming who I want to be and I want to be healthier. I won’t dwell on the two goals I missed out on this month. I did gain peace of mind and opportunities. I share some more great things about my experience trying to find other things to do than apply for jobs on my latest Negus Graduate post below.


  • Change My Thinking/Be More Positive – I have to change my mindset or I won’t be successful. I have to change my thinking when it comes to work ethic as well as being positive. A lot of people take me for a positive person, but truth is I have doubts and worries all the time. That’s now how I’m meant to be. I have a lot of big dreams. I can’t afford to be consumed with self doubt, laziness or allowing others to work me up easily.
  • Selling My Things – I need to get rid of a lot of my things, because there is a lot I realized I don’t use and I could use the cash. I have a vision for how I want my apartment to look at clutter isn’t a part of it.I’m a little bit frustrated, because eBay and apps like LetGo seem to be the only methods I have as far as selling. I was hoping to find a way that I can just get rid of my things for cash without having to wait for anyone to put to put their bid in. Hopefully by next month I can report that I’ve sold a bunch of my stuff and gained tons of money.


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