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Actor, writer and model Moritz J. Williams first caught my attention in the popular web series “Black Boots.” Although Moritz plays the role of an arrogant and irresponsible college student, Jason, who pledges a Black Greek-letter Organization, he’s actually humble, God-fearing and hungry for success. I had the pleasure of talking to him about life in LA, creativity and I even learned some things that I can use on my own life’s journey.

Q: How did you start out in the entertainment business ?

RW:started out doing runway modeling. I kinda fell into it when my friends started a clothing line and they asked me to do a show. I did it and liked it so I did more shows and took some classes. I did it for maybe a year and then I started doing acting. After that I came to LA and started acting full-time.

Q: What has the journey of chasing your dreams been like ?

RW: My original plan was to move 2 years before I did, but things weren’t perfect. I didn’t have all the money I wanted or know where to live. I think it was me being afraid. I prayed and meditated on it and the answer I kept receiving was that it’s never gonna be a perfect time so I need to go. From there me and my friend packed up and left. Once I got here I hated everything– the traffic, weather and people. I think it was because everything was different and I wanted a way out. I prayed some more trying to figure out how to get back home without looking like a failure, because we had a going away party and everyone knew. I think I stayed in LA for 3 weeks and I had a plane ticket back home for Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. When I went back home I didn’t buy a ticket back to LA, but by the third week of staying home I was ready to go back. I haven’t felt like that since. I think the first time was just a shock –no mom around the corner or brother down the street. Once I got over it being different I  focused on what I needed to get done.

Q: Do you intend to use your talents of poetry and music to venture outside of acting ?

RW: When I came to LA it took some of the love for writing music out of me, because in LA it’s so many politics. People here just do it for a check. I write poetry at least once a week. I’m trying to figure out now how I’m going to do a short film for my poetry in the future. I don’t like to be put into a box with my poetry. I talk about relationships, ideas of men and women from different aspects. I talk about the good and the bad. A lot of it is just who I am going into my poetry. I’m a lover, sometimes I’m a fighter and sometimes I don’t want to be bothered and that goes into my poetry. I’m not shy about anything but singing and poetry, because it’s so close to me. It shows so much of who I am. When it’s like that you’re very sensitive about your work. I want to do a public reading before the year is out.

Q: What is your upcoming web series “In The Moment” about?

RW: “In The Moment” is about people in their 20s living in LA. When people watch it I want them to get the feeling when TV made you feel good like Martin, Fresh Prince and Girlfriends. It’s about a guy who is in an unhappy relationship, but eventually finds happiness. He has two friends and there is a friendnemy situation. It’s the type of situation where you’re naïve to the fact, because you never feel like they are planning something behind your back because you’re good friends. It’s about ups and downs, friendships, relationships and taking a moment to figure out who you are.

Q: What real life elements do you feel aren’t being shown on TV today, but will be shown in your show?

RW: TV today doesn’t really reflect what reality is. I’m the friend that loves you enough to tell you the truth. So in my shows I write characters that you would consider to be the truth. You know when they speak that they are going to tell you the truth. A lot of people are like that, but aren’t shown in TV. In TV today you see a lot of beating around the bush. There are men who don’t want to have sex on the first date and aren’t out here being a womanizer. They aren’t shown or they are shown in a weak way like the boy next door. In my life those guys actually do win; they do get the girl. I write about men like that because that’s real life. I want to show that what’s typically shown on TV as the underdog isn’t really the underdog.

Q: Do you find more joy in being the creator of a project or the actor?

RW: I don’t think it’s one I like better. My passion is acting. Writing and directing is the easier of the two. It’s easier to direct an actor and having the angles I want to see than being an actor and having to pull out an emotion. My favorite kind of character to play is one that goes through many emotions.

Q:Who are you as an overall person and artist?

RW: As a person, I am calculated. I need a plan a, b and c before I make a move. As an artist, I’m a free spirit and I’ll try anything. That’s where I clash, because they battle. The person I was raised to be was to get up, go to school and go to work. When I was at work I used to visualize other things and create stories. I really use a lot of both my right and left brain. I’m a dreamer that likes to see things come to life. I like to be in silence and it helps with my thinking process. I lie on my floor and stare at the ceiling and meditate on what I want to see in my life and that’s what balances me. It’s nothing more important to me than my creativity. It affects everything. The people I have connections with affect my creativity which is why I’m private. Every time I come up with a new idea it’s a pay off to see it come to life. My creativity means a lot and anyone who tries to interfere I have to disconnect from. I want to do what I love and keep privacy; it’s the only way to stay sane.

Q: What are your future goals ?

RW: My goals change day-to-day. One of my dreams for this year is to work with Will Smith’s entertainment company, Overbrook. I want an Emmy and an Oscar. I want my name to be legendary for the work that I do. I already feel like I’ve made an impact from my life. As long as I’m satisfied as who I am to my family I’m good and I wouldn’t change that.

Q: What are your insecurities pertaining to your dreams?

RW: Any natural person has doubts. When it comes to my career sometimes the doubts do arise. I wonder if I will be able to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish. I wonder how long it will take. 

Q: How do you stay positive?

RW: Whenever I doubt I’m reminded I’m where I need to be and doing things that I thought I never would be doing. When anything that looks like doubt is coming I pray it out and walk into who I am. I believe that we are in control of what happens to our lives. God gives us the choice to say this thing has happened today so I can wallow in it or do something positive. If I’m down and not speaking life I’m wasting my time here and it does no good. Whenever doubt pops up it’s time to start praying again. It’s about controlling your path and staying on your destiny.

Moritz’s new web series “In The Moment” will be debuted in January 2017. If you can’t wait that long to see him on the screen be sure to follow him on his social media platforms where he frequently releases hilarious short videos featuring him and his talented friends and news of his other projects.

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