I’m not a good guy. I’m not a bad guy. I just want to be the guy with the face that people remember for years.

It was only a few months ago that Chef Williams (Kiwon Williams) and I had our first interview and yet so much has changed since then. Unfortunately, after enduring a fight right outside of his job he was left with a broken nose, fractures and being out of work for 2 weeks. Although it has taken him a few weeks to heal, he has not only regained his strength but a new fire for his dreams in the culinary world.

Q:How has the incident changed you ?

CW: Being in my incident lit a new fire under me. It changed me in a lot of ways and made me more mentally strong. You never know when your last time here is, so whatever you have going you have to get behind it 100%. I wasn’t myself for a while. I lost focus. My mom gave me a reality check. She was like you know what you do and you can’t let one incident take you out of your element. I’ve had hard times before, but I’ve never been in a position that I didn’t know what going to happen to me physically. It made me think about my life as a whole. Now things don’t get to me as easily as it used to. In a sense it’s almost scary, because now I feel that my dreams are now or never. I have to shoot for my dreams even harder, because I’m more hungry than ever before.

Q:Have you created any new recipes since then ?

CW: I’ve come up with tons of new recipes. For example, I put my own twist on a lobster macaroni. I have done a lobster and shrimp and a chicken macaroni. It’s so much I’ve added to the menu since we last talked.

Q:What is your process for developing new recipes ?

CW: If I have an idea I put it in the notes in my phone and I’ll go back and play around with it. When it’s time to make it, it all comes together fine like a puzzle since I’ve already spent time thinking about it. After that, either it works it doesn’t. Sometimes I have to go back a revamp it. I self judge my creations a lot. I have a visual of what I want it to look like and if it’s no where near close to that vision I know I need to try again.

Q: Have your initial dreams changed any ?

CW: The dream hasn’t changed, but the model and mindset has. It’s more so a next level mentality. The motivation is 10 times harder than before. You want to push yourself to the point where you want success as bad as you want to eat and breath. Every day you should take it to the next level. You want to be humble, but you also want to want it so bad that it seems like it will overwhelm you. Don’t let it overwhelm you however. The best way to do that is to take it day by day goal. The dream will happen, but you can’t obsess over it so much that it takes over you. You have to make a list and know what you want to complete this day and compete against the day before.

Q: What’s the update on your business ?

CW: I’m 100% behind my catering business now. I have business cards, a pricing list and menu list together. I’m in the process of getting together meal preps in order for my clients to be healthier and fit. We recently did a huge sweet 16. The scenery was unbelievable and the compliments we got on the food and the setup felt great. It was one of those things you go into expecting good feedback and it came back exceeding my expectations. I still want a restaurant and lately I’ve been looking into buildings. I went full in and got my business license and my Servsafe certification that I need to move forward with it. The catering business is allowing me to learn more about my craft through the opportunities that I get. To be honest it’s like already running  a restaurant, because you have to make sure everything is in place.

Q: Are there any other skills besides cooking that you’re working on ?

CW: Besides cooking I have the talent of graphic design and I want to learn more about it. I did my business cards on my own. I know there are tons of programs that I need to know. Not only will I be able to make more money from it, but I can save money by doing it myself and pour that money back into my business.

Q: Who motivates you ?

CW: My friend Chef Po (@chefpourbankitchen) motivates me. She is really taking off and causes me to push myself. She is more of the healthy side of the culinary world. For me it’s always whats next and defending the ground that I stand on and honoring what I love to do. I want to be up there with the greats on the food network. I tried out for Master Chef since the last time we talked. They didn’t choose my group unfortunately. It was a learning experience, although I was disappointed. It was amazing that I had the guts to do it. I got great feedback from my food.  I had a lot of supporters. I would definitely try out for a show again, because that’s my goal. It was just amazing being in there and seeing all of the different people who have a passion for cooking and it let me know that i’m not the only one. It makes you ask yourself what’s going to make you different and stand out at that point.

By this looks of these dishes I think that Chef Williams has is already setting himself a part from other chef. Be sure to check out his IG @iamchefwilliams1 where he consistently updates photos of his latest entrées and desserts. Also if you are in the Jackson, MS area and you’re looking for a caterer he can be reached at






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