What happened in September

September was a month of enlightenment. I reached my goal of thinking more positively. I still needed pick me ups, but I am better than I was before. I have learned that being down on myself isn’t going to help me reach my ultimate goals, so I make choices daily to be positive no matter what. I do this thing on my personal FB page (I’ll add it to my fan page) called “night lights” where no matter how good or bad the day was I write down all of the positive things that happened that day. I can tell the difference within myself. I’m not always burnt out and that’s a relief, because I still have some months left before I reach my goal of moving.

I didn’t get to sell any of my things, because I ended up moving to another city. I had a temporary job for 2 weeks. Although it was temporary I gained a lot there. I ended up making a pretty cool friend, which I didn’t expect because I have been way more focused on my goal than interactions with others. I also came to the realization that I really have to stop putting all of my energy into things that are comfortable for me, but conflict with my dream. Sometimes we become comfortable with our chains. My life not being how I want it is partly due to just life, but I think most of it has been out of some form of fear. My mentor told me that the fear never goes away so that I shouldn’t use that as an excuse to wait around. I have to take a chance on myself.

October Goals

  • View my projects as my job – I’ve been saying I want to be an entrepreneur/writer forever and yet somehow I’ve also been telling myself that, that dream can only come true after I get a 9-5. Last month I learned how unpromising 9-5 jobs are. If I put as much energy into my own projects instead of just viewing them as a hobby or a dream for the future I could be living my dream in no time.
  • Start a crafting business – This is already in the works. So far I’m make wreaths for any occasion. This is both a hobby and something that I believe I can gain a nice amount of money for to go towards my relocation.
  • Sell things I don’t use – I really have to get rid of this stuff so we are going to try this again.
  • Get organized – I have the worst habit of keeping my ideas and to do list in my head. I know I need to get a handle on what I have to do and when I need to do it, because when I don’t I either end up not doing it or doing tons of stuff  half way decent all at once and becoming burnt out.

If you have any goals, be sure to share them with me in the comments here on IG @brittanysharnez (where I am the most)




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  • Skye Charlie

    Thanks for sharing! I have a bad habit of never writing things down. Good luck on your goals #blm

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