I created my blog  last summer, but I wasn’t aware that bloggers were making big money until 6 months ago. Since then I have been on the hunt to build myself up so that I can too be one of those bloggers creating post like “how I made $100K a year from my blog”. Bloggers typically use the same methods to make their money: affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and offering freelance services. The two things that stuck out to me the most was sponsored posts and freelancing.

Although I have a nice following on my social media pages having sponsored opportunities haven’t been poppin (yet) so freelancing is something I felt that I could do for sure.  Some other bloggers made clients from their followers who have signed to their email list (yet another things that I didn’t know what a huge thing until recently) Thank God for my mentor telling me about free resources like UpWork. Now that I’m focused on my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur I have been pitching myself like crazy as a freelancer.

  1. I work better with projects – I love projects, because it’s real cut and dry. The client needs you to do A by B time and you get C amount for it. You do the work the clients looks over it, you take care of any edits if they request them and next thing you know you’re paid. Things aren’t always this simple, but most of the time it is. With projects I feel like clients micromanage less ( I hate micromanaging).
  2. But projects can be far a part – Once a project is done it’s done which is great on one end, but bad when you remember that you need a steady flowing income. You never know how far one project will be between the next which is why long term work is great. Although the freelance world is unpredictable it gives you more stability. On the down side in these cases you can feel more micromanaged.
  3. Remember you’re running a business – Freelancing sometimes makes me feel like I have one foot in the entrepreneurial world and one foot in the employee world. Unlike a 9-5 I get decide when I will work, my pay rate and what I’m not comfortable with doing. On the other side I don’t just have free reign to do whatever I want. You are dealing with other people’s businesses and personalities. Some clients are very strict about how they want every detail and no matter how unimportant you might think it is you have to do it just right. Also you have to keep this in mind when employees try to down your rate and treat you like just an employee.
  4. Choose clients that best suit you – I think this is one of the things that’s you’re bound to learn the hard way. I’ve always been taught that you work where you can until you can work where you want. In the freelancing world it’s a little different. It’s more about going after your preference of clients. Do you want to work with corporate clients or small businesses ? Do you prefer to be in constantly contact with your client or are you okay with them giving you instruction upfront and then you just do it ? I’ve learned that the more you and your client have the same business mindset the less stressful the work will be. You might have encounter a few gigs until you meet just the right ones, but it helps to know what your ideal client is like.

Overall I think my biggest issue is having confidence within myself as an entrepreneur. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that this is my business and if I don’t like the pay rate or something I have the right to bring that subject to the table and walk away if I choose. Freelancing has given me a chance to see what I really need want to do. Around this time last year I thought I wanted to be a  freelance social media management guru. Now I have discovered while it is something that I am skilled at and will continue to do in the near future it isn’t the end game for me. For anyone interested in freelancing I would say just do it. I have put no money in to get started, but I’m making money at home from doing it. It’s also great for learning business. Feel free to ask me any questions. I’d be happy to answer ! Until next time…

One thought on “What I’ve Learned About Freelancing So Far

  • Sagan

    “Freelancing has given me a chance to see what I really need want to do.”

    Yay you! This is awesome that you’ve taken the leap to try freelancing. There really are just so many opportunities in it <3

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