What Happened In October

As you know right at the beginning of October I was no longer working at the job I had finally got. It was unexpected and in a way threw off my plans, but yet new ones were birthed. As soon as the job ended I jumped right into the world of freelancing and crafting for money. I am so proud to say that I have been able to make money for these new ventures within the first month. It hasn’t been tons of money, but what I have gained has given me the confidence that I am an entrepreneur and I can make money by using my talents. I am still getting used to the world of freelancing. I know, I know how to write, but getting used to being your own boss is still a lot to take in.

I started my crafting business ! I started out by making a fall and Christmas wreath. At first I was feeling a bit discouraged, because people didn’t automatically flock to them when I posted them. Thankfully with the help of my family’s word of mouth I was able to sell the two and have been asked to make more. I will have an event in November featuring my wreaths which I am very excited about. Speaking of events in October I had my first book signing for my book ” The Evolution of My Problackness “which I’m going to tell you guys all about (along with a surprise) in my next post.


November Goals

  • More Events – In October I learned that while I am skilled at creating things, I need to becoming better at the selling part if I want to make money from my gifts. One way to do that is being a vendor. I already have one event lined up for this month which is great, but as you know the more events I have the more I get to connect with others and sell my crafting items or other services
  • Sell $200 (or more) worth of wreaths – I make wreaths, because crafting is fun to me, but as you know I still have dreams to move. My wreaths started price is $45 so it shouldn’t take long to get to $200 and more. I know that I have the talent for it, but I hope that I can put my marketing skills to work and get out there and sell, sell, sell.
  • Consistent Enrichment – Since being on this post graduate journey I have started some healthy habits such as working out, reading more often, meditating and more. When I start these things I feel great about myself and when I tell you guys they have improved my life I’m not lying, but I allow life and laziness to settle in and next thing you know I get a little spotty about doing some of these enriching things. This month I want to be more consistent by adding these things to my daily and weekly routine.
  • Have an awesome birthday – November 30th I will be 23. Honestly a few months ago I was thinking about not celebrating at all. My main focus had been on moving so heavily that I felt like as long as I hadn’t accomplished that goal I didn’t deserve to have a fun day. After a perspective change I do plan to do something for my day. Maybe go out to eat and just have fun with my friends. On the gift side of things I’m really just look forward to birthday money that I can add to my moving savings. You can donate here (doesn’t matter the amount; I’m grateful).

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  • Skye Charlie

    Thanks for sharing, wishing you much successes in your endeavors as we know it’s not easy generating income as a freelancer. However, it is possible.

    • Brittany Sharnez

      Thank you!

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