If you have noticed I have changed the layout of my website. I wanted it to more so fit the things that I am encountering on my life’s journey. One of the things that I had to add was self-care and I guess as fate would have a huge self-care story has developed. Now, if we’re really going to be friends you would’ve had to been a Moesha and The Parkers fan, which means you know exactly who Countess Vaughn is, so we will skip her whole bio to get straight to the issue.

In 2014 Countess went on The Doctors to warn us all about the possible dangers of wearing lace front wigs. Now, before anyone starts to bash her I want to point of that what Countess was doing wasn’t out of the norm. She admits to wearing lace front wigs regularly, because she loved the look and the ability to switch up her style meanwhile making it look natural. I’m not lace front wearer, but I pretty much do same thing with braids. Unfortunately, the glue and tape used to secure the wig lead to an infection all around her hairline. Countess now has discoloration in the areas in which the glue and tape were applied. Also she has similar discoloration around her lower lash area due to the glue of fake eyelashes.


Yesterday Countess took the brave step of showing her real hair on Instagram. I have to applaud her for her bravery. From following her story it is my understanding that a part of the reason she wore wigs frequently was to cover her real hair, so I can only imagine that undergoing all of those complication made her feel more ashamed to show herself. In the photo her hair is very short, but she goes on to explain that she cut off her hair in order to “start over”. In all honesty I don’t think it looks bad and I can’t wait to see what it will look like as it grows.


Take away

I’m not going to be one of those natural hair girls that bashes you if you still want to get your lace front and lashes after reading Countess’ story, because shoot she’s still wearing it herself. I am going to encourage you to be more conscious minded about what you’re actually doing to your body to get sauced. We all do things to enhance our beauty which is fine, but before you do it do the research. What’s in the stuff? Does it go well with your skin type? Will it have an effect on any other health issues you already have? What about your family history? For instance, I would love to have a second pair of piercings in my ear BUT knowing that my family has had tons of run ins with keloids I know that it’s just not worth it the risk. Lastly, don’t be afraid of your natural beauty. You don’t have to be a natural beauty activists, but all I’m asking is to not be ashamed of your looks so much that you developed an unhealthy attachment to these beauty enhancers and overlook the risks. Until next time beauties…


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