Thanksgiving day is next week and I won’t be beating anyone to the table to pile up on beans, greens, yams, chiltlins, or to simply put most traditional African American food. When I told someone that I don’t like a majority of “black people food” (hogmogs, pigs feet, neck bones etc) of course I got hit with the rather passionate spill about how I want to be white. I look at myself everyday people. I am very aware that I’m black, but that doesn’t change my taste buds. After chatting it up with a few followers and friends who share my same sense of taste as well as viewing an awesome vegan inspired UnameIt challenge video I knew I had to offer up some recipes that could change switch the game up for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Chicken Spaghetti

Every once in a while my aunt makes chicken spaghetti for Thanksgiving. I know it’s not a typical dish, but I always look forward to it cause I love cheese, chicken and most importantly PASTA. It’s also a good way to trick kids (and in my case, adults) into eating their veggies if you want to add in some peas. What’s even better is that is an easy recipe: just check it out here.

Devilled Eggs
Deviled Eggs

My ex’s family would have frequent gatherings and one thing they always had in store were deviled eggs. At first I was hesitant to try one, because I had always heard they were gross and I didn’t want to mess over the food, but turns out it’s actually a nice side dish. YOU CAN PUT BACON IN THEM. Not everyone does this, but it is very rare that I dislike anything with bacon in it.  Besides tasting great, this is a cheap side dish so you can easily contribute to Thanksgiving dinner without breaking the bank.


Jollof Rice
Jollof Rice

Believe it or not I love traditional African foods. The first time I had an African meal was during my African Studies course. I didn’t know what a lot of the things I was eating was, but it was sooooo good; OMG. Jollof rice is just one of the few African dishes that I enjoy. There are several different ways to cook it, I guess it all depends on what region of Africa your are from. You can leave it plain or add vegies and meats. I am all for adding jollof rice or any other African food to the Thanksgiving menu. Everyone wants to make it seem like I’m throwing away my culture for not eating certain African-American foods, but no one ever thinks about how most African-Americans have never tried African food (and some don’t want to). Find an African dish and add it.

Seafood Broil
Seafood Broil

Have you ever considering adding a seafood broil? It’s a little different, but some people do it. I will say a few cons many people have seafood allergies and it’s on the costly side so I wouldn’t make it the main dish (keep the turkey). The seasoning makes this mean. I prefer mine a little spicy, but others might be into something lemony or garlicy; it all depends. I think the best bet for preparing it for Thanksgiving is to keep it mild so you won’t give grandma heart burn. Make sure that you have the utensils needed for crack open those crab legs, but shoot if they are really hungry they can always use a fork and their hands (I’ve done it).

I think it’s foolish when people tell me what I should and shouldn’t be eating, because I’m black. Didn’t Biggie say “what you eat won’t make me s%!#” ? Let’s keep that truth in mind. There are tons of options for picky eaters to try. You might be like me and realize that you aren’t as much of a picky eater as you thought and maybe your family just cooks the same things. No matter what you eat be sure to be grateful and have a happy Thanksgiving.


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