Should Good Deeds Be Shared Online

My favorite type of videos to watch on social media are the ones that show a random act of kindness. You know, things like people walking into Walmart and randomly paying off a strangers layaway payment or giving way more than a dollar or two to a homeless person. I watch videos like that all of …read more →

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How To Have A Merry Christmas While Single
How to have a merry christmas while single

Having an overflow of engagements, weddings and soon to be parents ain’t new. It’s seems all year long the people of my TL have been feeling the love. Now that it’s the holidays the singles’ blues has been amplified. I am forever seeing them reshare videos of a girl that’s getting proposed to in front of …read more →

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My Experience at My First Book Signing
book signing

In October I  was granted the opportunity to join a local book club and other amazing authors for a book signing. When I arrived I felt like a fish out of water and yet overwhelmingly blessed. So, let me back up and tell you about my book. I wrote “The Evolution of My Problackness” as an essay for …read more →

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My December Monthly Goals & Nov Recap

What Happened In November It’s December already?! That’s crazy! Anyway, November was a great month for reaching goals and then some. I was invited to be a vendor at an event where I got to display my wreaths and more. I didn’t reach my goal of selling $200 worth of wreaths, but I met awesome …read more →

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