What Happened In November

It’s December already?! That’s crazy! Anyway, November was a great month for reaching goals and then some. I was invited to be a vendor at an event where I got to display my wreaths and more. I didn’t reach my goal of selling $200 worth of wreaths, but I met awesome people and later on I got to ship a wreath off for the first time. My first shipment didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but thanks to doing it I’ve learned about boxing and pricing firsthand. I still didn’t manage to create a positivity routine, BUT I have been increasing my positivity by just speaking affirmations over my life or listening to positive video and podcasts. As for my birthday; it was awesome. First of all I’m just thankful to God to be able to see 23. There were certain expectations I had for my birthday that weren’t met, but I did end up having a fun night out dancing and eating.

As for bonus things that happened in November I was able to get a job, which as you know will help me with my relocation goal. I also redesigned my blog! I loved the design my blog had before, but as I mature I felt that it was only right that my blog does to. Not only do I want to support black owned businesses, but I want to give advice on the things that I am learning through my journey to being a full-time entrepreneur/writer. I also want to talk more about self-care since I am on an inner positivity journey as well. Change can be good and I hope you guys love it even more so than before.

December Goals

  • Finish a large portion of my 2nd bookI didn’t get to announce it last month as I had hoped, but yes I am in the midst of writing my 2nd book. I won’t go into tons of details, but I will tell you guys that it’s a fictional romance. In the celebration of my 2nd book I also figured that it would be of benefit for you guys if I begin to add content to my site about the ends and outs of being a self published author. (Be sure to join my email list of updates freebies).
  • Donate a large portion of my stuffed animals – As I’ve mentioned in my previous goal posts I am showing my faith in my goal of moving by being proactive in getting rid of things I know I won’t be taking with me. So far I’ve been donating and selling clothes. My biggest challenge has been to figure out what I should do with the tons of stuff animals I have collected over the year. Since it is the holiday season I will be donating them to children in hopes that I can make their Christmas a little brighter.
  • Connect with more creatives – I love my friends and family, but one things I’ve learned is the importance of being connected to those who have similar goals. They understand your struggles and can offer dope collaborations. At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to connect with others that much until I move. In truth, more progressive state do have larger creative culture. I have learned however, that there are people in my very own state who are talented and creative that have proven to be amazing assets. Also, I can always use my blog and social media to make connects from all over the world.

This is the last month of the year and I hope that my monthly goals have inspired you all to not just wait until January to get on top of setting goals for yourself, but make it a monthly, weekly and daily matter. With doing these monthly goals I feel as if my time is used more wisely than just setting it once a year and forgetting about it until December rolls back around. Happy Holidays! Please let me know what your goals are for this month.


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