Happy holidays everybody! Tis’ the season of gift giving. I know life and love is not about the material things, but I get real joy out of seeing people’s face light up when they see how much thought I put into picking them out something. As you know due to several racial injustices there has been a heavy push to buy black in order to grow black communities. With the holidays here questions might arise as to how to do that; especially when it comes to kids shopping. I’ve done a bit a research and have found some black owned businesses that provide gifts your kids will love and allow you to support a great cause.



Clothes, accessories and stuff animals – Grace & Elie

Okay, so kids don’t really jump up down with excitement when receiving clothes, but with this brand you are sure to get a hug and a kiss from the parents. Grace & Elie is a brand that uses African prints and culture to create clothing and more for the little ones. They have products for boys and girls so don’t worry about one being left out. I won’t lie to you there products can be a little on the expensive side, but that’s okay because that are also on the high quality side. My favorite product is the welcome home gift set for newborns. If your TL is looking anything like mine (somethings in the water) that’s definitely the gift you should get from you to your family member,  bestfriend or Soror/ Frat.

African-American doll

Dolls – Malaville Toys

Representation is important. When I was a child I remember wondering why I could find tons of dolls that depicted slim, blonde white girls, but never any that looked like me. Thankful more companies are making sure to create dolls that reflect out diverse world. Malaville Toys is a brand that I love. because it not only provides a doll that represents black women, but that of different skin tons. Being black is beautiful and our little girls need to know that no skin tons is excluded. Another plus is the natural hair, which you know I am all here for. Also let me throw in that the dolls are just $20! This is a dope gift that your kids will love all the while you are teaching them self love at an affordable price.

Books – Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book

There are so many children’s books catered to African/African-American children that it would take me way to long to write about. I picked this book, because I learned that children are able to learn different languages at a faster rate than adults. Oh, how I wish I had learned at least two new languages while I was a child. This book written by Muriel Feelings and illustrated by Tom Feelings is a fun and way to get your kids started in learning Swahili. I know in American we are more so pushed to learn Spanish, which I am all for because there are major benefits, but I think it would do us all some good to learn languages that come from out motherland as well. It’s kind of odd to learn about everyone else’s culture, but out own right? This would make a great stocking stuffer. Check out more the Feeling’s work here. They even have books that teach numbers in Swahili.

Do you know any other great gifts kids from a black owned business? Don’t be shy! Let me know.

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