My favorite type of videos to watch on social media are the ones that show a random act of kindness. You know, things like people walking into Walmart and randomly paying off a strangers layaway payment or giving way more than a dollar or two to a homeless person. I watch videos like that all of the time as I cry out happy tears. The latest video that I did my crying session to is of a young waiter who was seeming to be having a bad day being unexpectedly blessed with an extra $300 tip. The waiter expressed to the customer that the money was just what he needed to pay off his car! That reaffirmed my love for random acts of kindness. You never know how taking a moment to randomly not think about yourself and blessing someone can have a huge change in someone else’s life.

Just like I’m in the habit of watching these types of videos, I am also in the habit of reading comments. It seems like no matter what type of video I watch there is always negativity. I really should probably stop always running to the comment section, but in doing so it always helps me to see how people really think (conclusion: a lot of people are negative and stupid). In the comments I found tons of fellow crybabies who was overjoyed for the waiter, but then I saw some comments posed a question. Should good deeds be recorded?

I don’t think that this is the type of comment to automatically get mad about. Even the Bible talks about not going around telling everyone what you did for something else. That aside some people can be embarrassed by their  situation. Back in 2014 I was a part of this spread the love challenge that I saw on Instagram. Every day I was challenged to do something for myself or strangers and I would have to post a picture showing what I did. Doing things for strangers made me feel 100 times better than doing things for myself, but I was get kind of scared before I shared my picture. What if people thought I was just trying to grow my followers? But then I started to think about how contagious giving can be.

Giving to strangers

I think in this debate my stance is the middle ground. I don’t think you have to snap it up every time you do some good, but if your heart is in the right place when you’re doing it and you just want to share to inspire others; go for it. Seeing others do go is good for the heart. It’s a reminder that there is some good in there world. It’s also a reminder that you don’t have to have tons of money to make a difference. After the challenge was over I continued to give here and there and it was usually just $1 with an encouraging message on a sticky note at a random location. I usually didn’t see the reaction of the person who had gotten my blessing, but the one time I did the lady hugged me so tight. I started to tear up. It wasn’t much, but I knew what I gave her was a sense of hope; in her life and in humanity.

I love how in the video PaPa Green (that’s what I’m calling him) said that he was in the blessing business. Being raised in church I always hear the statement “God is in the blessing business”, but for some reason when I heard him say it this time it clicked. If God is in the blessing business and we are to be about our Father’s business then so should we. Us believers ask God for things day in and day out and barely try to help others. I had slowed all the way down on my acts of kindness this year due to me being caught up in my own life. That’s not even an excuse, because I’ve learned that in many cases you can change a persons life around by doing simple things (i.e heartfelt message and $1) and sometimes those things are things that aren’t a big deal to you (like me giving away my collection of stuffed animals, they don’t mean much to me, but could make a kids whole day).

After seeing this video I felt like God was talking to me and reminding me that I don’t have to wait until my life is perfect to start giving to others. I loved the person I was when I was doing for others more. So reactivating my random acts of kindness mission is one of my goals for 2017. I won’t share every little thing I do, but I will share some. I’ll just have to get over the negative comments if any. I just hope that those who see what I am doing, don’t see me, but see hope, kindness and God. I hope that you too are inspired to do for others and that it spread like a wild fire.


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