Most of you lovelies know that although I might smack on a wig and a lip color from time to time, I am a natural beauty advocate. Some o my natural regimens has shown results so great that even my mom asked if I got new makeup (I didn’t, my skin is just getting clearer). It’s always been a childhood goal of mind to have clear skin, healthy hair and just all around health the natural way. So when I got my Hues Box it was like getting an extra Christmas Gift.

Hues BoxHues Box is a health, beauty and wellness subscription box that caters to African-American women. I know there are a lot of subscription boxes, but what I love about Hues Box is that it was launched by three black women (mother and two daughters) who only fill the box up with products from small black owned businesses. What you have to realize is having a black owned business is amazing, but having a black owned business that gives other black entrepreneurs shine and funds is the G.O.A.T. Also, I love that before getting my box I had the opportunity to answer some questions about my skin and hair so that the company could get a good feel of my needs.


Each monthly box is themed. My December Hues Box was centered around detoxification. I viewed this box as being symbolic of how I wanted to enter into the new year. 2016 had some good points, but transitioning from a college student to a real worlder has been stressful. Sometimes I find myself so caught up in reaching certain goals that self-care takes the back seat. This year I have many goals, but amongst them in to strengthen my commitment in meditation, exercise, and decreasing my toxin intake. The first thing I noticed about the box was the smell of the products. I have a love for the smell of most natural things; it always brings a sort of peace to me.

Kale Mask



As you can see there are 6 sample items in the box, but I really want to hone in on my faves. The first things I tried was the kale mask. Kale is something that I’ve never eaten, but I’ve been told it’s extra healthy. After a little research I found out that it’s jam-packed with Vitamin A, B, C and K. It was like powder in the package and I mixed it with a little bit of water in a cup. I cleaned and wet my face as the instructions said before putting it evenly over my skin. I had to wear it for 15 minutes. After about 6 minutes I noticed that my face was becoming so hard that I couldn’t smile (and that made me laugh…or not laugh lol) It was scaly feeling when I rinsed it off with warm water, but BABY when I tell you my face felt like God himself gave me renewed skin. It felt like my pores were doing the happy dance and I’m so happy that I wasn’t heavy-handed like I usually am and left some of the powder over for me to use on a snow day.


The last thing I tried was the V-Steam. I really did save the best for last, because I’ve been fascinated with V-Steams and pretty much anything that has to do with taking yoni care since I saw Tia and Tamera got a vacial back when they had a reality TV show. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to perform what I had seen on TV in my own home, but the instruction were simple. All a girl needed a crock pot, a large towel and a good place to sit. Doing the V-Steam was relaxing. I know I’m a spring chicken, but I felt rejuvenated and I honestly might make this something that I do at least once a month. I feel like besides going to the OBGYN vaginal health is overlooked, and people just assumes that it’s like a self-cleaning oven so they don’t go the extra mile. Your womb is the creation to all. You have to remember that and take care of it as such.

All in all I am proud to announce that I am officially a brand ambassador for the Hues Box. Things are starting to look great for 2017. Be sure to go to their website and come back here, because I will be telling you more about them and the featured products in the near future.


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