It’s review time again with HuesBox! Honestly, I’m starting to think that they can read my mind, because everything that comes into the box is right on time. If you’ve noticed I have been posting that much and that’s because my energy has been on a low. I’m not sure if I want to categorize it as down right negative energy, but it definitely hasn’t been a feeling of motivation. I know that sounds crazy since the beginning of the year is the most motivating time of them all, but I guess since I’ve been going so hard for my dreams since April 16′ I’m starting to crash. So some self-care

smudge stick

The first thing that got me excited about January’s HuesBox was the smudge stick. A month prior my bestfriend and saw I  some in a store and questioned if it was okay for Christians to use it. Forgive me if that sounds like an ignorant question, but smudging isn’t something that I was familiar with outside of negative connotations in the media of it being spooky. Thankfully, the stick was equipped with a note explaining that its origin from Native Americans and the purpose is to cleanse negative energy. I couldn’t wait to use it since I work from home and would like to be surrounded with positivity so that I can feel refreshed and motivated. Of course I can’t see energy so I can tell you that the negative energy got up and walked right out of the door. I can tell you that I enjoyed the smell of the sage and the herbs and it left me feeling calm and more centered. I’m adding it to my self-care regimen.

natural hair care

Next, I loved the Bio Balm by Doris Mae Products. I’m a hair product junkie! I was pleased that the product was made with all natural ingredients. Any time I go product shopping I always take time to read the ingredients and if it starts to look like alphabet soup (this product contains:hetjgkegejfngeejkgegekjgkek) I don’t buy it. I used it on my scalp and massaged it in for a few minutes. It left my hair feeling moisturized which is always a plus since I suffer from extra dry hair. I did my research and found that there are tons of other organic products by Doris Mae Products so I recommend that you check it out.


My last favorite was the Full Tummy massage oil. I didn’t know that there was a natural way to cure that blah feeling you get once you’ve over eaten. I usually just force myself to stop eating once I feel myself approaching that potential bloated feeling. From the card I got I learned that grape seed and caster oils is great for reducing inflammation (learn something new every day). I like that the product came in a little cute bottle that was small enough to fit in my pocket-book since I’m anti-purses. I just slipped in there for a stomach-ache emergency. Sure enough Chinese food with friends brought about that familiar stuffed feeling. I think I massaged my stomach with just a few drops of oil for about 5 minutes. The feeling slipped away from me in such a calming way that I can’t remember exactly how long it took to work. I love this product since it helped me without me having to take meds. That’s a plus in my books.

I am really enjoying myself trying the items in HuesBox. I know I didn’t tell you guys my New Year’s resolution, but I have committed myself to making self-care a priority this year and this box is helping me do that. Not only that, but I am enjoying learning new ways things in the process. The subscription is only $15 so do yourself a favor and invest in something that’s going to help you take care of you. Until next time…


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