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I know that it already feels like I’ve been on a hiatus since I haven’t been posting that much. I’ve had tons of ideas, but I’ve been down on time management and motivation. A few days ago I woke up and wished that I was on an island practicing self-care and getting back to positive energy and drive. I know I can’t go to an island now, but practicing self-care I can do. I’m calling it a sorta hiatus, because I’m not completely disappearing. I’m just not being as engaged with others at the moment for the sake of self-care.  I have a few things I need alone time to sort out…

What Do I Want To Do From Here

I finally get to work from home doing things that I enjoy to do and save up to move (happy dance). Yet, I don’t always feel that my future is bright, because right now it’s blurry. It’s caused a decline in my motivation. I’ve been entertaining the idea lately to allow myself to be okay with making changes to my goals/dreams if it means ultimately reaching my happiness.  I’m not much of a planner, but when I do plan things it becomes so cemented into my mind that I tell myself if things don’t go exactly that way it’s a failure. I was reading a blog post the other day by  and one thing that stood out is her realization that “everything is transient”. Things change and that’s okay. I just have to figure out which way this new change is taking me.

Getting On Top Of Old Goals

I’ve found myself in certain situation lately that have led me question things about myself. Like why haven’t I started bringing any of my ideas to life? I mean, a few months ago I was all down about not being able to do so. And maybe I’m not as ready for a relationship as I thought (according to my best friend). I don’t think I’m severely off, but I’m starting to wonder if me running from situations that don’t look exactly how I pictured them is hindering me. Like I said when I make a plan I have a hard time with being okay with deviating from it and apparently that goes for my love life as well. In my defense, I have always thought of it as a way to insure that I would be successful and get the things/man that I deserve. But, I don’t know. I’m starting to feel like on the back end, it’s also causing me to limit myself and eliminate situations that might be beautiful if I just allow them to be.
Catching up on blog writing is a part of my hiatus so expect blog post more frequently. I’ve already been thinking about some things that I’ve mentioned, but I don’t want to reveal my conclusion until Sunday or something when my hiatus is over. In the meanwhile I recommend that you guys practice self-care more in 2017. We are in crazy times and the first priority needs to be taking care of self. Until next time…


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