A lot of times when I’m daydreaming about how I want my life to be in the near future I envision it as a movie montage. What’s a montage without theme music? Sometimes I play certain songs on repeat until I get the full picture of what I want to do. Music speaks to us. It influences our thoughts and emotions. Here are the top few songs on my 2017 playlist.

Big Sean – Bounce Back

Last night took a L, but tonight I bounce back.


I was only a few moments into the song when I knew that it would be my leading theme song of 2017. 2016 wasn’t the best year for many of us. I love this song, because not many high-status people admit to ever taking any L’s. I was very transparent in 2016 about my post graduate plans and failures (coach surfing, dead end jobs and more mess). I got hit with tons of Ls last year, but towards the end I learned it wasn’t my season to blossom, but to sit and learn. It still hasn’t been my favorite season *eye rolls* but I can admit that I feel more prepared to move cross country and take on my creative projects than I was right after graduation. 2017 is the year to bring the many things that I’ve dreamed about not just in 2016, but since I was a kid, to life.  This is the part of the montage when I envision officially moving and have my apartment decked out how I’d like, working on my projects, thriving in my new home and such. I expect this bounce back to come harder than those L’s that were thrown my way.

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Got to blame it on Jesus #Blessed


This is a feel good song, which is important because a lot of 2016 I didn’t feel good. The thing I didn’t want to happen the most (not getting a job and moving home) happened and I ended up with heightened anxiety, restlessness and depression. I was really hard on myself about not having it all together. After a while I made peace with my situation. I’ve been learning to practice mindfulness. You do what you can, but realize that somethings aren’t in your hands and that means it’s pointless to worry about them. This song is about being carefree, letting your afro out and feeling great about where you are now (there’s always a good side). I’m 23 years old. I’m not the only one feeling my way through life (I mean it’s not always fun, but I’m not the only one). I need to make smart choices, but also enjoy myself more in 2017 by taking a few risks, doing things that make me feel great and going after my dreams. Being able to do that failure or not is a blessing, because it means that I’m trying and living life.

6lack – Free

I’m freer than I’ve ever been. Something that you’ve never been.


This song is about wanting to build an amazing life with someone who wants to continue to live a life of shenanigans. The person decides to leave the relationship, but it still emotionally attached to their ex until one day they’re finally able to let go and create an amazing life without them. I’m also a person that sees greatness in others and wants to help build them up only to find that they are more interested in the fast life. Once I separate from the person I get caught up wondering why they would turn me away when I was trying to be a positive influence and how it would have worked out if they would’ve let go of certain things (trying to fit in, attraction to women with no substance, etc). 2017 is my year to be free. I don’t want to hold on to the bitterness or insecurities that have been created over the years from continuously being turned away. You can’t want something more for a person than they want it. It would have been nice to share the life that am building with one of the guys from my past, but just because they didn’t want it doesn’t stop my greatness. It’s time for me to make building the things I want my #2 (under God) priority and I know I’ll cross paths with the one of me along the way.

Anderson Paak – Come Down

So hard to be doing what you really meant for beauty. But don’t I make it look easy? Don’t I make it look good?

I considered listing Anderson Paak’s entire Malibu album as my playlist for 2017 since there isn’t a song I don’t like on it. Come Down speaks to my 2017 because it’s about arriving to a place where you’re living within your purpose and now you’re on a life high you refuse to come down from. There has been bumps in the roads going after my dreams. I learned that entrepreneurship isn’t all glamour.You have to take risks, you will fail, sometimes you won’t get support from the people you expect to get it from and sometimes you change your mind about projects. I do recognize however that when you get a win it means so much more. Within a few months I’ll be able to move cross country to my own apartment. It seems small, but I know being there is so much bigger than just an apartment. I’m following God and taking a risk to move far away despite the negative comments I have gotten and it taking forever to scrap up the money to it. Moving is just one of the things I know God has shown me is my next step. I’m honestly proud of the resilience I’ve seen in myself to work hard for my dreams even when it looked like it wouldn’t happen. I know to finally be living within my vision will more than likely be an amazing feeling that I’ll want to hold on to.


Do you have any songs that are motivating you for the year? Let me know @brittanysharnez on IG



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