Welcome to another HuesBox review! Once again I got a chance to enjoy another batch of awesome goodies. The first thing I want to jump into was a nude matte lipstick by j’elaine. For  Christmas me and my bestie went to Walgreens so I could buy some lip color (yes I am cheap y’all). I bought a nude lipstick which I was excited about, because it was a part of my “new year; new me” mantra. Well new me ended up looking like hot mess me when I got home and applied the lipstick. The color made my lips look very pale and I knew that I had just wasted my $8. Luckily for me my February HuesBox included a nude lipstick that caters to women of color. It’s definitely provided me with more of the look I was going for. Kudos to HuesBox for once again reading my mind.

nude lipstick



Also in my box was candy! I’m a candy lover and this was the last thing I expected to find within my box. Luxe Lollies specializes in handmade, gourmet lollipops and it shows. I like how they came with cute bows wrapped around them.  It almost looked to nicely put together to eat. They tasted even better. If you have an upcoming event consider adding them to your must have list.


Lastly I received a D.I.Y henna tattoo kit. I’ve wanted a henna tattoo ever since I learned what they were from reading Midnight by Sistah Souljah back in high school. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a temporary tattoo that is created by a dried paste. It’s really popular in South Asia and Northern Africa. I really wanted to show you guys what mine looked like, but as creative as I am drawing isn’t my strong suit. On the bright side I’m still happy I have the kit, because one reason why I never got one is because of the long lines that were formed every time I came across a stand. Now I have the option to get one line free. I’m sure it’ll be something fun me and my best friend can try. Stay tuned for my next review and in the meanwhile check out HuesBox or yourself!

henna tattoo


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