4 Songs That Represent My 2017
2017 hot songs

A lot of times when I’m daydreaming about how I want my life to be in the near future I envision it as a movie montage. What’s a montage without theme music? Sometimes I play certain songs on repeat until I get the full picture of what I want to do. Music speaks to us. It …read more →

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Young and Married or Single ? How Do I Live My 20s ?

There has been an ongoing debate on my Facebook feed about what doing your 20s the right way looks like. I’ve read tons of rants about how singles should stop hoeing around or how lonely we are. I’ve seen posts of young parents claiming the only reason why some of us don’t have children is …read more →

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Considering A Minimalist Lifestyle

I’ve decided that I want to practice minimalism. Minimalism is getting rid of excess physical, emotional and mental baggage. The idea first arose when I visited my cousin in Dallas, TX. She was giving me a “when you’re in the real world you become a slave to work and bills” speech. I couldn’t understand why she was allowing …read more →

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5 Songs About Racial Injustice

Although right now we are in times that people are divided one of the only universal things we understand in this world is music. Music speaks to people. Some people don’t believe it, but the music we listen to determines our feelings. It speaks to our emotions and our thoughts. While I do love listening …read more →

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Celebrating Juneteenth For The First Time

Today is not only Father’s Day (shout out to all of the good papas out there), but it is also Juneteenth.  Now, don’t feel ashamed if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, because all the way up to college I was under the impression that it was a yearly concert  (that I wasn’t …read more →

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Fictional Women Of Color Who Inspire Me

I know that everything you see on TV isn’t how things are in the real world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain inspiration from it. We all have that great movie or show that has us walking away feeling empowered and motivated (at least I do). These women are symbols of daily inspirations that help …read more →

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Why Are We Ashamed Of Our Names?

As we are given the gift of life we are also given the gift of a name once we enter the earth. Our name is our identity. In Southeastern Nigeria, Igbos believe that names hold spiritual blessings. The Chinese go about naming a child something that’s unique and holds meaning. In Greek letter organizations we have names that are designed …read more →

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