Interview: The Appreciation Of Black Art
black creatives

I was strolling on Instagram and I noticed an art piece created by an African American artist. It was a beautiful drawing that had extremely realistic qualities. I thought about how art, especially African American art, is unappreciated. I took went out and found three amazing artist to interview to see what art meant to …read more →

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Actor Melvin Jackson Jr Is A Jack Of All Trades
Melvin Jackson Jr

Melvin Jackson Jr. has many talents. You might be familiar with his parts in “The Wire” or “Everybody Hates Chris”. Besides acting he is also a comedian, director, writer, and producer. I was honored that Mr. Jackson spoke to me about his passions and goals. Q: How did you discover your talent for acting? MJ:  …read more →

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John Dabla: Entertainment Journalist Talks Breaking Into The Industry And Future Endeavors

  There is nothing like meeting someone in your age group doing their thing. John Dabla is only 22 years old and is already making big moves as an entertainment journalist. John started out with his own website, JohnSpeaks, at the age of 17 and has since made many accomplishments. From interviewing our favorite reality …read more →

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SHAD: Talks Music, Dreams and Drive
r&B artist

It started when he was invited by a group of friends to perform a song in order to enter the school’s talent show. After 4 days of patiently waiting to see if they made the cut; they finally got the news that they were in. It was an added blessing that people around the school became …read more →

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Garrett Sayles: 21 Year Old Student Talks Homelessness, Passion and Entrepreneurship
young entrepreneur

“It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s about the quality of your years of experience.”  – Jacob Cass, Logo of the Day This quote is a reflection of the life of Garrett Sayles, a 21-year-old professional photographer. It’s not every day that a college student starts his/her own business, but after picking up …read more →

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Web Series Review : The Unwritten Rules
being black in the workplace

Today I am telling you guys to watch the Unwritten Rules written by Kim Williams. I have already watched and reviewed Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s by Kim so I decided to give this show a try. At first I wasn’t interested. Maybe because I was craving something more romantic, but next thing …read more →

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Delante Sealey and Ryan Waddy: Unique Lens Productions & Invaders Clothing
black web series

  I first met the content creator Delante Sealey via social media. From there, I learned about his production company, Unique Lens Productions. The company’s mission is to write, produce and edit films in the hopes to captivate audiences from all age groups. The company has already given birth to a short film, a web …read more →

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Imani Dunning: Hello Beautiful, God Loves You

    Instead of asking what would B. watch, today it’s what will Brittany read. Hey Beautiful, God Loves You by Imani Dunnng is a must read Christian devotional for young women. Imani Dunning is a young entrepreneur and author from New York City. She is the creator of The Love Plan which brings all people together through love. This …read more →

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