The Push: Taking Media to the Next Level
black media

Last night members of the Public Relations Student Society banded together to attend GDT PR Agency’s The Push ARK event at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, AR. The event was hosted by radio personality, Mia Banks; panelist included Sericia Cole, Joel Ratliff and Alexis Rogers. We arrived just in time to mix and mingle with …read more →

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Michael Butler Jr. : The Man of Memphis

As you know after I graduate in a few months I plan to move out of Arkansas. One of the places that I have been seriously considering is Memphis, TN. Memphis is an option for me, because it’s only 3 hours away from my home state which would allow me to stay connected to my …read more →

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Interview: The Appreciation Of Black Art
black creatives

I was strolling on Instagram and I noticed an art piece created by an African American artist. It was a beautiful drawing that had extremely realistic qualities. I thought about how art, especially African American art, is unappreciated. I took went out and found three amazing artist to interview to see what art meant to …read more →

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Actor Melvin Jackson Jr Is A Jack Of All Trades
Melvin Jackson Jr

Melvin Jackson Jr. has many talents. You might be familiar with his parts in “The Wire” or “Everybody Hates Chris”. Besides acting he is also a comedian, director, writer, and producer. I was honored that Mr. Jackson spoke to me about his passions and goals. Q: How did you discover your talent for acting? MJ:  …read more →

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John Dabla: Entertainment Journalist Talks Breaking Into The Industry And Future Endeavors

  There is nothing like meeting someone in your age group doing their thing. John Dabla is only 22 years old and is already making big moves as an entertainment journalist. John started out with his own website, JohnSpeaks, at the age of 17 and has since made many accomplishments. From interviewing our favorite reality …read more →

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