4 Songs That Represent My 2017
2017 hot songs

A lot of times when I’m daydreaming about how I want my life to be in the near future I envision it as a movie montage. What’s a montage without theme music? Sometimes I play certain songs on repeat until I get the full picture of what I want to do. Music speaks to us. It …read more →

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My Sorta Self-Care Hiatus

I know that it already feels like I’ve been on a hiatus since I haven’t been posting that much. I’ve had tons of ideas, but I’ve been down on time management and motivation. A few days ago I woke up and wished that I was on an island practicing self-care and getting back to positive energy and drive. I …read more →

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Should Women Approach Men In Dating ?
Should women approach men in dating

One of the biggest headaches I’ve had about dating is figuring out if a woman should approach a man that she’s interested in. Sure, I’ve heard from Steve Harvey and men who I know say no, “men are the hunters, women don’t have to do anything.” Sounds simple until time goes by and it’s not …read more →

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Should Good Deeds Be Shared Online

My favorite type of videos to watch on social media are the ones that show a random act of kindness. You know, things like people walking into Walmart and randomly paying off a strangers layaway payment or giving way more than a dollar or two to a homeless person. I watch videos like that all of …read more →

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How To Have A Merry Christmas While Single
How to have a merry christmas while single

Having an overflow of engagements, weddings and soon to be parents ain’t new. It’s seems all year long the people of my TL have been feeling the love. Now that it’s the holidays the singles’ blues has been amplified. I am forever seeing them reshare videos of a girl that’s getting proposed to in front of …read more →

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Social Media Star Sheds Light on Depression in Short Film

I never would have thought that a film that brings awareness to depression would make me happy. It is great that certain myths about depression were dispelled. Demetrius Harmon aka MeechOnMars, was able to put his first hand experience with depression into his short film “Be Happy“. Although the film is fictional and at some moments …read more →

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