Fearing For My Life: Black In America
black in america

I went to the movies last night to see “Terminator Genisys”. It was hard for me to get comfortable for a while, while watching the movie because I was well..uhm scared. I kept thinking about how the killer of the 9 victims at the AME church in Charleston, SC sat with them through the entire bible study …read more →

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5 Things I Learned While Working In Fast Food

Well it’s official; my Chick-fil-A internship has ended. I am so surprised at how much I have learned through this internship. At first I looked at it as a way for me to develop my business mindset, but it turned out to be that and so much more. Here are a few things that I …read more →

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The Love Exchange
dating advice

Hey everybody! I hope everyone is blessed. This is going to be a mega short post, but I wanted to finish up on the last post. On the previous post I ended with the question: how can I love someone without expecting anything back without becoming depleted? I do believe that it is true that …read more →

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Are You Giving For The Wrong Reasons?

We all have flaws and the first step to getting rid of them is by recognizing them. Here it is: I am selfish. I never thought I was selfish before, but here I am writing about it. I’ve always considered myself a considerate person. I love buying people gifts, I’ve sacrificed for people, and I’ve …read more →

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Embracing The Unknown

I hate uncertainty. I am a curious person who always seeks the answers if I don’t have them. I actually love that about myself. I love that I’d rather chase after wisdom & knowledge and watch myself develop into an improved me than sit around and treat ignorance as if it is bliss. There is …read more →

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Is Being Realistic Helping or Hindering

I believe in things that many think are unrealistic, because I don’t see them as unrealistic; I see them as things that others haven’t witnessed yet. This has always been my way of thinking, but lately it’s made things blurry for me. I remember the day when I proudly took on the role of the …read more →

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