Should Good Deeds Be Shared Online

My favorite type of videos to watch on social media are the ones that show a random act of kindness. You know, things like people walking into Walmart and randomly paying off a strangers layaway payment or giving way more than a dollar or two to a homeless person. I watch videos like that all of …read more →

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Social Media Star Sheds Light on Depression in Short Film

I never would have thought that a film that brings awareness to depression would make me happy. It is great that certain myths about depression were dispelled. Demetrius Harmon aka MeechOnMars, was able to put his first hand experience with depression into his short film “Be Happy“. Although the film is fictional and at some moments …read more →

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Overcoming Shallow Reasons For Relationships

3 post ago I wrote an article “What Does It Mean To Not Be Ready For A Relationship”. At the time I thought I was ready, but now I realize that being ready is more than just having the ability to be faithful and sweet. For a 22-year-old I haven’t done much. I’ve never even visited …read more →

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Interview: Ray Kincaid The Next Great Lyricist

When people often describe artist like Kendrick Lamar or J Cole they usually say “they are in a league of their own” and that’s exactly how I would describe rising rapper Ray Kincaid. When he first sent me his music I knew that I was listening to a masterpiece. His sound is old school, thought-provoking …read more →

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Things I’m Unlearning in 2016: Part 2

Back at it again with things a list of things that I am working on unlearning. It seems like the more I think about it the more things I come up with that I no longer need to stand beside, but I’ll keep it down to 2 more things. Talking Things Out Solves All Things …read more →

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Things I’m Unlearning In 2016

When the new year arrived I’m sure almost everyone had at least one thing in mind that they wanted to incorporate into their lives. For me, it has been eating more veggies and getting the nerves to go places alone. Adding positive things to your life is a great way to make yourself  a little bit …read more →

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