Hi, I’m Brittany Sharnez

I started OneBadBeauty, because I wanted a place that display positive African-American images. There are so many people out there doing amazing things within the African-American community that lack the coverage that deserve so I wanted to use my gift of writing to highlight them. My blog is also a place for me share my life experiences as I journey through my gifts, being an entrepreneur and author. Lastly, I want to inspire others to expand their thinking and to go after their dreams.
About Brittany
I was born November 30, 1993 in Arkansas (yes, that’s a thing). Although I have half brothers and sisters I was raised as an only child, which lead me to spending a lot of time with my own imagination. A fun day for me would be sitting  on the floor as I wrote out my day dreams into vibrant stories. If I wasn’t writing I was trying to create whatever came to mind; be it lipstick, a new color crayon or pepper spray (which was pepper, hot sauce and water). If I had to describe myself as a kid I would say I was also the quiet one filled with wonder.

As I got older not much changed. I’m still quiet, awkward and filled with wonder. My love for writing dwelled down since I learned that getting my writing published wasn’t so simple and my family wanted to me to more so focused on a “guaranteed career.” I would blog every few month, just because. I didn’t take blogging seriously until college when I witnessed women of color who were making a name for their self and connecting to others through their writing. I couldn’t believe it. It opened my eyes and let me know that although I am young and live in one of the most none creative places their is I could do it so last year I officially birthed OneBadBeauty.com and a year later self-published my first book “The Evolution of My ProBlackness”

April 2016 I graduated with my BA in Public Relations. During my senior school year I saw my blog mature from the looks to getting positive feedback from my amazing readers. I started becoming more compelled to not just be a blogger, but an all around writer of all things. I learned that I could paint and craft. I learned that there are so many gifts within myself that I haven’t tapped into mostly out of fear and environment. Since graduation I have been on a rocky road of bringing all of my childhood dreams to life as I fully step into adulthood. So far the road has been far from easy, but I have made some major strides. I’ve been working on becoming a better content creator, author and freelancer.


If you don’t get anything else out of my blog I want you to get this. Growing up I always felt that I was the black sheep and that I was alone and now I feel that it is my purpose to let all that are connected to me to know that you are not alone. No matter if you are the girl who went natural only to find that you have 4C hair, the girl who is creative and wants to jump into entrepreneurship, but unsure how or the recent graduate that is just trying to find their way. Use my journey and apply it to you life or learn and be better.


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