Garrett Sayles: 21 Year Old Student Talks Homelessness, Passion and Entrepreneurship
young entrepreneur

“It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s about the quality of your years of experience.”  – Jacob Cass, Logo of the Day This quote is a reflection of the life of Garrett Sayles, a 21-year-old professional photographer. It’s not every day that a college student starts his/her own business, but after picking up …read more →

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Web Series Review : The Unwritten Rules
being black in the workplace

Today I am telling you guys to watch the Unwritten Rules written by Kim Williams. I have already watched and reviewed Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s by Kim so I decided to give this show a try. At first I wasn’t interested. Maybe because I was craving something more romantic, but next thing …read more →

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