4 Songs That Represent My 2017
2017 hot songs

A lot of times when I’m daydreaming about how I want my life to be in the near future I envision it as a movie montage. What’s a montage without theme music? Sometimes I play certain songs on repeat until I get the full picture of what I want to do. Music speaks to us. It …read more →

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My October Monthly Goals and Sept Recap

What happened in September September was a month of enlightenment. I reached my goal of thinking more positively. I still needed pick me ups, but I am better than I was before. I have learned that being down on myself isn’t going to help me reach my ultimate goals, so I make choices daily to …read more →

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July Recap and My August Monthly Goals

What happened in July ? I’m honestly embarrassed to report that I only reached one goal in July which was publishing a book “The Evolution of My Problackness”. July was the worst month thus far this summer. I was really down after so much news about the deaths of innocent black people and police officers, …read more →

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5 Goals For My Senior Year Of College
college goals

  The years have flown by so quickly and now I’m approaching the finish line to receive my Bachelor’s degree. Instead of letting myself wallow in senioristis I’ve been thinking about goals I need to meet to ensure that my post graduation life is the bomb.com. Some people would be just happy to be graduating …read more →

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SHAD: Talks Music, Dreams and Drive
r&B artist

It started when he was invited by a group of friends to perform a song in order to enter the school’s talent show. After 4 days of patiently waiting to see if they made the cut; they finally got the news that they were in. It was an added blessing that people around the school became …read more →

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