When Your Prayers And Actions Don’t Match

To me this saying means that in spite of what society thinks we should have, our background and mistakes; whatever God sees fit for us will be ours as long as we want it/work for it. In the midst of going through setbacks I often wonder if people say it so much that its become …read more →

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When People Won’t Act Right

I’m 19 days into my self love photo challenge (#obbloveyourself). I truly believe what you speak into existence will come to be, because ever since I started this challenge I have been put into a position to love myself more. One of my main challenges have been dealing with people this month. I have had all …read more →

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It’s Okay To Turn Down A Date

The reason why you’re single is because you won’t give the people in your dms a chance. I’ve seen a post similar to this floating around my social media pages and I have to admit, initially it made me feel some type of way. Recently it’s been going down in my dms and I’m still …read more →

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Lessons From My 3 Week Positivity Journey

For the past 3 weeks I have been on a positivity journey. It was actually positivity and patience, but I’m writing about positivity because it was much more of a struggle for me and thus for more learning was involved. It all started when a friend pointed out that I can be negative at times. …read more →

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Ways We Get Off Track With What God Said
God's plan

People say they are going to “just follow God” this is a great idea, but I’ve noticed often times people aren’t even sure about what God has told them. I think it’s because of two main reasons. One reason is we forget what God has told/shown us. I know it might seem like the all …read more →

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Are You Giving For The Wrong Reasons?

We all have flaws and the first step to getting rid of them is by recognizing them. Here it is: I am selfish. I never thought I was selfish before, but here I am writing about it. I’ve always considered myself a considerate person. I love buying people gifts, I’ve sacrificed for people, and I’ve …read more →

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Imani Dunning: Hello Beautiful, God Loves You

    Instead of asking what would B. watch, today it’s what will Brittany read. Hey Beautiful, God Loves You by Imani Dunnng is a must read Christian devotional for young women. Imani Dunning is a young entrepreneur and author from New York City. She is the creator of The Love Plan which brings all people together through love. This …read more →

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Embracing The Unknown

I hate uncertainty. I am a curious person who always seeks the answers if I don’t have them. I actually love that about myself. I love that I’d rather chase after wisdom & knowledge and watch myself develop into an improved me than sit around and treat ignorance as if it is bliss. There is …read more →

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