John Dabla Continues to Succeed as an Entertainment Radio Personality & Journalist

Q: What made you decide to start your own radio show ? I wanted to start my own radio show ‘Keeping It Real With John’ because of my previous experiences co-hosting on DaBlackTop Radio and other guest correspondent gigs on different online radio shows over the years. After running my own website for 5 years; …read more →

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Interview: Actor Moritz J. Williams Allows Prayer to Lead Him to Success

  Actor, writer and model Moritz J. Williams first caught my attention in the popular web series “Black Boots.” Although Moritz plays the role of an arrogant and irresponsible college student, Jason, who pledges a Black Greek-letter Organization, he’s actually humble, God-fearing and hungry for success. I had the pleasure of talking to him about life in …read more →

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Interview: The Appreciation Of Black Art
black creatives

I was strolling on Instagram and I noticed an art piece created by an African American artist. It was a beautiful drawing that had extremely realistic qualities. I thought about how art, especially African American art, is unappreciated. I took went out and found three amazing artist to interview to see what art meant to …read more →

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