Interview: Actor Moritz J. Williams Allows Prayer to Lead Him to Success

  Actor, writer and model Moritz J. Williams first caught my attention in the popular web series “Black Boots.” Although Moritz plays the role of an arrogant and irresponsible college student, Jason, who pledges a Black Greek-letter Organization, he’s actually humble, God-fearing and hungry for success. I had the pleasure of talking to him about life in …read more →

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When Your Prayers And Actions Don’t Match

To me this saying means that in spite of what society thinks we should have, our background and mistakes; whatever God sees fit for us will be ours as long as we want it/work for it. In the midst of going through setbacks I often wonder if people say it so much that its become …read more →

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It’s Okay To Turn Down A Date

The reason why you’re single is because you won’t give the people in your dms a chance. I’ve seen a post similar to this floating around my social media pages and I have to admit, initially it made me feel some type of way. Recently it’s been going down in my dms and I’m still …read more →

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Ways We Get Off Track With What God Said
God's plan

People say they are going to “just follow God” this is a great idea, but I’ve noticed often times people aren’t even sure about what God has told them. I think it’s because of two main reasons. One reason is we forget what God has told/shown us. I know it might seem like the all …read more →

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